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"I’m in love with Walking Wings.  My daughter is 15 months, she still is not walking on her own. All her friends who are 9, 10 months old are running like its nothing. Well the hubby and I bought Walking Wings and she loves it.  We have been walking all day with it.  Since I’m not holding her fingers she realized she needed to be a big girl and do it on her own.  She took two big steps! I’m so proud of my daughter.  Thank you Walking Wings for making a product to give hope to parents out there." – Veronica S. 


“Walking Wings has been a lifesaver and a back saver. I had back surgery several years ago and was not able to bend over and hold my sons hands while he was learning to walk. I was out of luck until "Walking Wings" My son loved it so much he still wants to use it. It was a great confidence builder." - Gerry D

“I can't even tell you how much I love this product!! My son was born two months premature and he sees a physical therapist once a week because his gross motor skills are the only thing that he needs some extra help with. I tried Walking Wings on my son the second we got home and let me tell you. It helped him with his walking THAT night!! We've practiced with the Walking Wings every night. This product is amazing and I would recommend it to everyone who has little ones with the same problem that I was having with my little one or just someone who wants to help their children build their confidence in walking. I promise you will love it as much as I do!” - Melinda F

“My daughter was born with a brachial plexus injury. With fear of her learning how to walk I didn't want to pull on her little arms in fear of doing more damage to the arm. With Walking Wings I don't have to pull on her arms. LOVE IT !” - The brachial plexus mom

“I never knew about Walking Wings until I saw it one day at Babies R Us. I got Walking Wings for my husband who has a serious back injury. He's 6'3" tall and it was impossible for him to walk with our son when he started to toddle. Since my husband is the stay-at-home parent he really needs to be there for all our son's needs! This product has really made all the difference for our son's comfort and safety and my husband's limitations. ” - Jamie F


“I love Walking Wings! It seemed to take forever for my son to transition from crawling to walking. He would cry when I held his hands to assist him and with Walking Wings he felt as though he was walking on his own and it gave him more confidence. It's also great for restaurants and parks so that your toddler doesn't have to get his hands dirty and scrape his knees by crawling around on dirty or hard surfaces. I've given Walking Wings as a gift, too, and it was a big hit.” - Christine K

“Walking Wings is great for airports and places where you have a lot of waiting around. Really a back saver!!!” - Mary H

“My 13 month old was struggling walking and the process was killing my back. I did not think there was anything on the market to help with this so when I found Walking Wings I was very surprised. I've had Walking Wings now for 3 months and I LOVE IT. I was impressed with the product quality and design. I am now purchasing a Walking Wings for my best friend's little boy's first birthday because he is pulling up and trying to walk." - Kellie D


“I saw Walking Wings on the Today Show and immediately bought it for my folks who are ready and willing to help with my very active son, but not happy about the physical part of running after a crawling baby. With Walking Wings they are able to spend more active time with him around and about without complaining about their backs, arms, and shoulders while he toddles. I like the fact that both of them are getting exercise while he learns to walk, and he isn't confined in the jumpy." -Paige R

“I recommend Walking Wings to everyone! My daughter just started learning to walk and Walking Wings has been such a lifesaver for us. She is able to move around the room without falling and hurting herself and it is so much easier on my back than bending over and trying to hold her little arms above her head. I also no longer worry about her trying out her new skills with my older parents. A definite must for a new mom.” - Lea B


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